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Looking for a side hustle?

You can become a car aquisitions lead with Mims Auto Brokers is partnering with companies that would connect us with customers looking to sell their vehicles. We do all the heavy lifting to buy the vehicle, and you get paid!

Over the past twelve years, we have built a large nationwide vendor network that allows us to buy any vehicle – whether it’s a brand new 2021 Kia Telluride with 10,000 miles on the dash, or a 1996 Buick Century with no title.

We pay our partners in either of these three methods:

Image of a computer with a dollar sign and an arrow pointing to the dollar sign. Represents quick, easy cash for cars.

Pay Per Lead

Get paid a pre-determined amount per registered lead submitted.

A circle with a dollar sign in it and an arrow pointing to the circle. Represents quick easy cash for your car.

Pay Per Lead

Get paid a pre-determined amount per registered sale.

A bag of money and people surrounding the bag. Represents you making money if you become a partner with us

Revenue Share

Get paid a revenue share percentage of profits once the vehicle is sold.

How do I start sending leads?

Submit the registration application (on this page) and our Partner Portal Manager will review your application. If there is a fit, we’ll contact you via phone to answer any questions and take you through the following steps.

How do I submit leads?

You can submit leads in several different ways. Via custom partner link, custom phone number, or via API. Once given access to our partner portal you’ll have the ability to follow your leads, KPIs, and total commissions for any time frame.

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How does it all work?

As a partner, you refer customers that want to sell their vehicles to us. Our team of seasoned industry professionals will handle any/all customer inquiries from start to finish. Depending on what payment method you choose, pay per lead, paid per sale, or revenue share, we’ll ensure a quick and seamless payment process. A contract will be signed by both parties at which point, we’re good to go!

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How do I get paid?

We pay all partners via ACH. Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.


Experience the difference with!

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