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Receive Your Payment

Receive Your Payment at Your Vehicle Pickup

Buying Running & Junk Cars, Any Condition

We streamline the process for both buying and selling cars, offering more cash for running vehicles. Accepting cars in any condition, from nearly new to barely drivable. Receive top offers that are risk-free and without obligation.

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Our Location

We are located Atlanta, GA, we offer convenience by coming to you. 

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Get the Money You Need

We have decades of experience in buying and selling vehicles, along with advanced technology to know exactly what a vehicle is worth in any time and place. The best way for us to prove it is for you to try us.

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Discover the Mims Auto Brokers Advantage

At Mims Auto Brokers, we streamline the process of selling your vehicle. Simply receive an offer, and if you accept, we'll handle the pickup or dropoff and payment swiftly.

  • We buy junk cars and running vehicles in any condition.

  • Must have clean title, salvage title or Bill of Sale with T-22 form filled out.

  • Our team of experts uses their deep market knowledge to offer you the best price for your vehicle, anytime and anywhere.

  • We buy Cars, SUV, and trucks easy and fast. 

  • Mims Auto Brokers simplifies your selling experience. Use our quick 'Let's Chat' button to get started and upon acceptance of the offer you could receive payment within about 24 hours..

Types of Cars We Purchase

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